Who is Heather Idoni?

Heather Idoni lives in rural Michigan (Lindon). She and her husband have raised their 5 children and adopted 10 boys from Ukraine.

One of the baby-murdering places that she rescued at was in Washington D.C.. At her federal trial there in August of 2023, this peaceful Christian Grandmother was mislabeled as “Violent” and a “terrorist.” The judge threw her immediately in jail and won’t even sentence her until May of 2024.

In December of 2023, she was transferred to the Greyson County jail in Leitchfield, KY, awaiting her next federal trial in Nashville, TN. Because the federal government refuses to recognize the humanity or personhood of preborn children, and because they have weaponized the department of justice against peaceful Christians, Heather is looking at a total of 34 years in federal prison for peacefully opposing the murdering of babies.

What has she done?

In March of 2021, Heather quietly prayed and sang hymns, peacefully, in the hallway of a medical office complex in Mt. Juliet, TN. 

One of the “Businesses” was the Carafem abortuary. Heather and 11 others were arrested and jailed for trespassing. Those charges were later dismissed. She has participated in other peaceful rescues. For one of them in Washington DC years ago, she was arrested, tried, and jailed in August of 2023. She has not been sentenced yet. 

Why is she unjustly imprisoned?

Although the state of Tennessee has stopped the surgical murdering of children, the federal government, “Department of Justice”, pretends that baby-murdering is a constitutional “right.” And also a “civil right.” 

What can you do to help?

Pray for Heather

Please bring Heather before the Lord and ask for her to have peace, courage and perseverance. 

Pray for Abortion to end

Please agree with Heather in prayer for the end to baby murdering in America and across the world. 

Pray for the government to exercise justice

Pray for the government to stand for justice and release Heather and end the homicide of babies. 

Take action in your community

Go pray and stand with sidewalk counselors at your local abortuary to help babies be saved, using your legal right to protest from the public sidewalks. 

Share about Jesus and about Heather

Talk about Heather’s stand for Jesus and stand to save the lives of innocent children with your friends, church, neighbors and whoever you meet. Share about Jesus’s love and how he can deliver them from the guilt of sin: even the sin of murder. 

What is Abortion?

Abortion is a “nice” word used to describe ending the life of a human baby within its mother’s womb. Simply, it’s the commission of murder or homicide against the living child in the womb. 

Abortion, as it takes many forms like partial-birth abortion, is closely related to infanticide, the ending of a life of a child outside the womb. Science generally agrees that life begins at cellular conception. The difference between abortion and infanticide is simply whether the child has left the womb.

Any means to end the life of a child in the womb, including surgical abortion, abortion pills or other means of causing death and removal from the womb of the baby. God the Creator, through His word the Bible, clearly condemns any form of abortion or murder.

From conception, the preborn human has a unique and complete genetic code given from both its mom and dad. As early as five (5) weeks’ gestation, the preborn child’s heart starts to beat. The baby starts to move about in the womb at approximately eight (8) weeks’ gestation.

Every human life matters and has a God-given right to life; and a right to grow and know their Creator. 

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The FACE Act

This legislation was passed in 1993 as a response to effective rescues happening across the country, where children were saved from becoming victims of homicide by faithful followers of Jesus. It begins as a misdemenor charge for physically obstructing a clinic entrance but has been expanded by conspiricy charges from the feds. 

What does Heather believe?

Heather believes the gospel of Jesus Christ.

That God is holy and righteous, and the creator of everything. As His creatures, we are held to his standard of sinless and holy living through obedience. But, that men and women did not obey their creator but sinned and became objects of His Justice. 

God clearly communicated to us His requirements and His Character through the Bible. Becuase of God’s great love for us, his enemies, Jesus Christ–very God, the embodiment of His Word–came to earth as a baby, lived a sinless and perfect life and then died to fulfill the requirement of God’s justice. Jesus took in his flesh the punishment from God for the sins of those who will simply place their trust in him. 

But God did not leave Jesus to rot in the grave dead for our sins–but raised Him again to life, then He ascended to heaven where He intercedes for us at the right hand of God the Father. Because of the love Jesus has for us, and His work on the cross, we can have a new status as adopted sons and daughters of God, and recipients of his love, grace and spiritual peace even when faced with trials and trouble here on earth. We have a future in heaven with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help us in this life just for simple faith and believe in Jesus. 

 Heather believes children should be loved and Protected.

Heather also believes that children should be loved and protected, they should not be abused, abandoned, or murdered by “Abortion”. Heather has shown the Love of Jesus to children through adoption and care for many children and has stood up for the lives of the unborn.