On March 30th a pretrial hearing was held in Detroit MI. The courtroom had a handful of Heather’s friends and family members in the gallery. For some it was the first time they have seen her since she was incarcerated seven months ago. While it is grievous to see our sister shackled, it is also glorious to see the love and peace of God upon her in the midst of her suffering.

Heather’s Trial in MI has been postponed until August 6th. The DC sentencing hearing is set for May 17th and then the Nashville sentencing is set for July 2nd or 3rd. Please continue to pray for her as she prepares for another trial and endures the federal prisoner transportation system.

She is continuing to worship God in her suffering. More of her lyrics have been added to the songs page of this site. The following is her addition to the old hymn “It Is Well”.

Though chains be my garland
And prison doors my prize
Privations and pain take their toll
His peace is my portion
His regard my reward
Jesus maketh all well with my soul